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About Us

About The TractSearch

TractSearch.com is a portal where everyone can register their business for online promotion in thousands of categories. We have launched our listing portal in more than 1500 cities in India. We will extend our access in 2nd step in more than 5000 locations in India. We are covering Metro Cities, Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Small Cities, Town, Nagar Parishad, Village, and other Nagar Panchayat, All these of Indian places which are 649570 approximately we will cover next 3rd step and Last step. We will cover according to Indian Pin Code.

Anyone who is doing any type of business, working as a Farmer, Plumber, Carpenter, Handcraft, Laghu Udyog, Micro, Small, Medium, and Large Business can list their Business at www.tractsearch.com. We give you the best opportunity at a minimal cost. You can increase your brand value by 30% more than other platforms.

How We Work

How tractsearch works

TractSearch.com gives an open platform for all businesses or users. TractSearch is a unique portal where you just put your business details on single click rest of the work will do by our team. You just list your business with contact information, contents, images, videos, and social media links. Tract Search will spread its business information online on a lot of search engines. We will promote it on a lot of social media platforms and other directory portals.

Why TractSearch only

As you know there is a lot of directory portals, listing portals, Lead provider companies, e-commerce websites. They are charging as per Leads provided by them. They create a lot of competition between service providers and products. But here at Tract Search, we give freedom to our business owners they can get one-to-one leads directly from customers. Customers have free choice to choose a service or product and contact them directly. Same as we give a lot of features to our users or business owners to attract their customers by updated offers, services, products or time to time new brands publications.

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Our Process

Features of tractsearch
  • Select your categories as per your business.
  • Give proper details of your services or products to the audience.
  • List your Business on TractSearch.com with contact details.
  • Select unlimited keywords related to your business and areas.
  • Add Images, videos, or special offers to attract your customers.
  • Ask for reviews from your customers, friends, and your partners.
  • Get Leads from your visitors and convert them into customers.
  • Grow business with revenue and increase your profit.