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The government of India has launched the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi with the objectives of :
 i) correcting regional imbalances in the availability of affordable and reliable tertiary healthcare services;
 ii) augmenting facilities for quality medical education creating a critical mass of doctors and
 iii) conducting research in the country relevant to the area.
 These institutions will be expected to absorb talent, provide highly trained medical and paramedical manpower for the country and conduct research in national and regional health problems. The institutes will be outside the purview of the Medical Council of India will be allowed to experiment with innovations in medical education and serve as advisory bodies for government health policies.
The AIIMS, New Delhi model will be adopted and adapted. Unlike the Postgraduate Institutes which lack the basic departments like Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, General Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology etc, the new AIIMS will have these departments as well as the superspecialty departments like neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, urology, endocrinology etc. In addition, departments of Accident & Emergency, Biostatistics, Medical Engineering, Hospital administration, Genetics, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Telemedicine, Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Education Cell etc are also planned. This institution should also provide a good opportunity to promote basic scientists and biotechnologists and studies in genomics, proteomics and metabonomics providing opportunity to work in close proximity of rich clinical material. A lot of effort would go into locating, enticing, appointing and retaining talented faculty as it is the faculty that makes an institution great. Heads of Department would be strengthened by having a say in faculty appointments and promotions and writing annual confidential reports. Annual self assessment by faculty would be updated as e-portfolio. Each department shall have a 5-year development plan. The entire campus township is likely to have Enterprise Resource Planning with high quality inter and intranet, databases for patients, staff and students, store house management, voice and image transmission and security systems. A purchase department will facilitate purchases in all departments. E-tender policy is will be followed for maximum transparency and efficiency.
The College:
The ‘non-clinical’ departments shall all be roped into providing some or the other clinical services to keep them in the hub of activity. For example: Department of Anatomy – embalmming, cyto genetics, DNA finger printing, osteology & ultrasound, Department of Physiology – Pulmonary Function Tests, Cardiac Function, Cardiac Cycle, Blood Volume, Yoga, Plethysmography, Department of Biochemistry- entire Clinical Biochemistry, Community and Family Medicine – Family Planning and Triage clinics, Rural & Urban Community Health, Pharmacology- Drug Monitoring, Pharmaco-Epidemiology, Pathology- Cyto and Histopathology, Clinical Autopsy, Microbiology- Bacteriology and Virology, fungal cultures, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology- clinical and hospital generated medico-legal postmortems, Laboratory Medicine & Biotechnology – high-end Genomics, Proteionomics, Metabonomics and Immunology besides training in biotechnology.
The Hospital & Patient Care:
We are building a modern centrally air-conditioned hospital with separate entrances for trauma centre, medical emergencies, obstetrics and neonatal emergencies, outdoor, indoor and cancer patients. The out-patient department is planned to have large ‘triage-clinics’ looking at common non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension, seasonal infectious diseases, minor surgical problems, family planning including laparoscopic tubectomy, IUCD and no scalpel vasectomy, vaccination of children besides carrying out all the national health programs. The triage clinics in the AIIMS hospital and adopted primary health centres will be totally run by the Department of Community and Family Medicine that will also give MD degree in Community and Family Medicine to create highly trained family physicians. The institution would provide general/basic medical services as well as advanced specialized treatments like bone marrow transplants, radical prostatectomy, robotic surgery, cardiac valve replacement, organ transplants and stem cell therapy. State-of-the-art 20 modular operating rooms and 7 non-modular operating rooms will be provided besides the supporting and primary care, intensive care units for adults, children and neonates. Nominal hospital charges will be levied to all except those certified by the treating physician. A Welfare Society would be formed to work on ‘no profit no loss’. Low price outlets for drugs and disposable medical appliances would be set up at key places on the campus. A separate paid outpatient and inpatient would be running for affluent class. The income generated would be used to fund the treatment of poor patients. Medical records would be fully computerized including X-ray and ultrasound images. Cleanliness, linen, sterilization etc would be mechanized and outsourced. Private partnerships would be entered into for CT scans, MRI scans and maintenance of sensitive equipment like ventilators, monitors and USG machines etc. Ward services, cleaning, porter, security, mail distribution, kitchen and restaurants, laundry and ERP can be outsourced, with hiring and firing power to departmental heads. Great emphasis will be laid on good work culture, and courteous, patient friendly behaviour from all levels of hospital staff. Emphasis will be on outreach health care or service at the doorstep with e-health record. The institute plans to start clinics in the community providing expertise in geriatric medicine, hospice care, long term acute care, palliative care and bereavement services.

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