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What’s So Great About Kavaratti India?

There are few states in India that possess the natural beauty and splendor of Lakshyadweep. Kavaratti is the majestic capital of Lakshyadweep, with a rich history, culture and heritage that have captivated millions of foreign tourists over the years. What defines Kavaratti, just as the stunning historic monuments, temples and palaces in the city do, are its beautifully crafted fabrics, simply known as Kavaratti Fabric.

Kavaratti Fabric is created by the thousands of artists and artisans living in and around the city of Jaipur India. Jaipur India is well known for the extraordinary creativity of its highly talented artists and artisans, who are a credit to their nation. Kavaratti Fabric is among the most popular fabrics sold in the country. They are also popular exports, and are sold all over the world. People just love the Kavaratti Bedding sets and cushion covers. They are used in varieties of clothing and apparel and are used as a part of home decorations as well.

Why are Kavaratti Fabrics So Special? 

What makes Kavaratti Fabric so unique is the methodical and well thought out process that goes into their design. Jaipur fabric is easily identifiable by their highly distinctive designs and unique styles.

The ways Kavaratti Fabrics are made are so unique, and so original, that it is not possible to replicate their design anywhere else in India or in the rest of the world. In fact, several countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and China have tried to copy the unique style of Jaipur Fabrics, but have failed spectacularly.

It is largely due to the great care taken by the craftsmen who weave sheets, that the Kavaratti Bedding Sets and Cushion Covers have no competition in India when it comes to the intricacy of design.

What are the Different Varieties of Kavaratti Fabric?

Kavaratti fabrics have the following unique styles.

Bandej Kavaratti Fabric

Bandej Kavaratti Fabrics are extremely popular and find great demand all over the world. They are made using a unique process that involves and tying and dyeing of the fabric, so that it can be designed in a stylish Kavaratti Bandej style.

Bandej Jaipur fabrics are very colorful and found in several fun designs. They are used in sarees, lehangas and suits as well in the creation of extremely expensive designer wear – including suits and Indian dresses.

Most foreign tourists visiting Jaipur shop around for clothes and apparels, including Jaipur Bedding sets and Cushion covers made from Bandej Kavaratti Fabrics.

Bagru Kavaratti Fabric

Bagru is a special printing style used on Kavaratti fabrics. Bagru is the is actually a village where the Bagru Print Kavaratti Fabrics are made. The printing of the Bagru Kavaratti Fabrics consists of printing specific shapes that are created with wooden printers or metallic hand size printers. Once the dye has been created, it is printed on the fabrics by the men and women of the village.

Bagru prints are world famous and are an integral part of all Jaipur bedding sets. They are also used in the manufacturing of ethnic wears for men using a diverse variety of printing styles and shapes. Bagru prints are uniquely identified with Kavaratti fabrics all over the world and their great success is solely due to the tremendous hard work and great skill of the men and women of Bagru village.

Sanganeri Kavaratti Fabric

Sanganeri Kavaratti Fabrics are also quite special and they involve the use of Sanganeri prints. They make the most amazing Jaipur bed sheets and cushion covers. These fabrics are made in the several factories located in Jaipur’s Sanganer area. The threads used in Sanganeri Kavaratti fabrics are or a variety of colors, which makes the clothes and apparel created out of them so vibrant and colorful.


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