Mercure Devaaya Retreat

Mercure Goa Devaaya Retreat, Malar, Goa 403403, India



10.00-18.00 week days - Sunday closed

Mercure Goa Devaaya Retreat is a luxury Retreat Resort situated in the pristine island of Divar (just 10 kms. away from the capital city Panaji). Divar is a picturesque and romantic island far away from the maddening crowd, surrounded by the mystic River Mandovi, green fields with abundance of fishing activities happening in the river and its tributaries.

It is situated just across Old Goa which was one of the largest cities in Asia in the 17th century as also a Trade centre for commodities like carpets, spices etc. It is at this location that the Conqueror of Goa Alfonso de Albuquerque defeated the Navy of Adil Shah, which resulted in the recapturing of Goa by the Portuguese. There is plenty of history in Old Goa which is just adjacent to Divar Island. The magnificent Churches and the Basilica built by the Jesuit Priests is ample proof as to why Old Goa has been called as the “Rome of the East”.

Divar Island Village per se is unlike other villages in India. It is spotlessly clean, dotted with superb Portuguese Era memories, peaceful atmosphere that is very rare to find in today’s world. Once you are in Devaaya you forget everything and concentrate on your holiday and wellness.

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