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Astra Media was founded by Alex McCurry with the goal of bringing cutting-edge media solutions to institutional clientele with a deliverable-oriented suite of services and strategies. In a world of marketing companies and PR firms that skirt around accountability by providing ambigous “goals” and KPI’s, Astra provides real, tangible results that WORK.

Astra’s mission is simple. We aim to empower and propel the brands that we work with in order to help them build and grow their respective interests. Whether you are a startup looking for rapid growth, or a major corporation looking to launch a major campaign, or an executive looking to build a name for yourself to help standout, we service everyone as a VIP and help them achieve their goals. We operate with full transparency and focus on results that help our clients get to the next level.

At Astra we pride ourselves on our proprietary digital branding methods. After years building our expansive array of media assets we have perfected a formula for how to develop brands at any scale. With our unmatched PR access, massive social media network, and specialty array of cutting edge media resources and tools, we have catered campaigns for countless VIP clientele with consistent success.

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